Fostering Saves Lives

Interested in helping dogs that are still looking for their Forever Homes? Consider fostering a dog (or several =)

People often think that fostering dogs is difficult, but when they try it, they quickly become addicted. 

Everyone benefits from fostering:

  • The shelters gain kennel space to house the never ending arrival of abandoned dogs
  • The foster dog gets a much-needed break from kennel life, which is stressful for most dogs
  • The foster family is able to provide potential adopters with a more detailed description of the dog’s characteristics and behaviors
  • The adopting family goes home with a dog that is already adjusted to living with a family


The two biggest concerns that I’ve heard for why people don’t want to foster dogs are:

1) Fostering a dog is hard work. But if you already have a dog at home, fostering a dog doesn’t add any extra effort because you’re already taking care of a dog. A side benefit of fostering for your own dog is that your dog will stay dog-social. 

2) It will be hard to let the foster dog go to the adopted family. Most foster parents say this is offset by the knowledge of how the newly adopted dog has completed the family and brought them happiness.


Fostering is a great way to give back to animals in need. If you’re interested in fostering, please consider contacting your local shelter or rescue agencies.



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