The Road to Homeless

When people meet me and see how cute and sweet I am, they always ask my Forever Family – “how on earth could Fido have ever been abandoned?” And my Forever Family scratches their heads, and says “We don’t know, but we sure are lucky that he was so that he could join our family.” The sad thing is, most people don’t plan to abandon their dogs. But sooner or later, for some dogs, that’s exactly what happens. Some of the most common reasons for dogs being abandoned or surrendered include:

  • Life changes – getting married, having children, getting divorced, and relocating are all life changes that have resulted in dogs being left behind.
  • Budgetary concerns – even “free” puppies cost money. In addition to food, there are vet bills, license fees, and other necessities. Before you bring a dog home, consider what your budget it and what it can accommodate.
  • Behavior problems – we dogs are social creatures with a brain. Yes, we sleep a lot. But we also need plenty of regular exercise, mental stimulation like puzzles, socialization, and boundaries. Nobody is perfect (not even people, or so I’ve been told). But in their hearts, dogs are pack animals and want to have a pack leader (you) show them the way and help them have a happy and healthy life.

Before you adopt a dog (and I sure do hope that you will!), consider carefully how to provide for the dog. Your adopted dog will love you for life. Will you love him or her for life?



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