Interview with Seattle Humane Society

Hello, friends! I recently had a wonderful conversation with Amanda who works on the Marketing and Media program for the Seattle Humane Society (SHS). She was kind enough to share some time with me while I queried her on SHS’s view on adoption topics.

All of the dog photos in this entry are dogs currently available for adoption through the Seattle Humane Society.

Lily (below) is a 2-year old pit-bull mix:


Fido: What are some things that people should consider before adopting a dog?

Amanda: That’s a great question. People should think about what kind of pet is best for their lifestyle. For example, if you want a bigger dog, you’ll need to ensure that you can provide enough space for the dog. Another consideration is cost. We often forget how quickly vet bills can add up. Also, depending on the size and breed of the animal, pet food can become expensive. If you’re planning to have kids or already have children in the home, consider whether or not the animal is appropriate and safe around kids. For example, an overly exuberant dog may accidentally knock down small children. Finally, if there are already pets in the home, consider how all of the animals will get along.

Fido:  Why should someone adopt a dog instead of purchasing one through a pet store or breeder?

Amanda:  There are a lot of abandoned and homeless pets. Adopting reduces pet overpopulation. It is critical that people spay/neuter their pets to help reduce the overpopulation, which in turn helps decrease the number of animals in shelters. It is a sad fact that occasionally people buy a dog from a breeder and then find out that they can’t support the pet and end up surrendering it to the shelter.

Guiness (below) is a 6-year old purebred lab:


Fido: Why is obedience training so important for dogs?

Amanda: Obedience training is really important because you need to learn basic commands to help alleviate conflicts in the home later. A well-mannered dog is more likely to have a successful and lasting relationship with its people. It’s also important to socialize dogs at a young age so that they don’t become fearful or aggressive later in life.

If you have a dog that hasn’t had experience around other dogs, it’s important to do introductions in an environment that is well-controlled. Do not take an unsocialized dog to the dog park.

Fido: What is something that you wish more people were aware of?

Amanda: We often have puppies in the shelter. Also, senior pets can make great companions. People have misconceptions about senior pets including that many pets up for adoption are damanged, but many of these pets come from loving homes that are not able to keep them for one reason or another.

Sophia (below) is a 10-year old retriever/lab mix:


Fido: What is Seattle Humane Society most in need of?

Amanda: Volunteer work is extremely important. If you’re interested in volunteering, go to our website and follow the links to apply to volunteer and select the type of volunteer work that you would like to provide. Seattle Humane Society is an independent donor-funded non-profit, which means that we function solely on donations from supporters. Donations can be made either through our website or via our wish list.

Fido: To learn more about the Seattle Humane Society and adoptable dogs, volunteer work, and donations, visit their website at:

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