My Story

Hi. My name is Fido. I started my life in a happy home with other dogs. But when the economy got bad, my family moved without me. Unable to fend for myself, I went from a healthy 75 pounds to just 55 pounds of skin and bones before the nice people from the local shelter found me.

At the shelter, everyone was so nice, but it was noisy and I was scared. I didn’t know where my family was, nothing smelled familiar, and there were no cushy couches. But I had food, water and shelter and I started to put on weight again.

As luck would have it, a lovely rescue agency took me into their program and I was placed with a lovely foster family that had other dogs for me to romp around with while I interviewed prospective Forever Families.

I met several families, but nothing worked out until I met this couple and they took me home to see if we’d all get along well. It’s been nearly three years since that couple became my Forever Family and in that time I’ve learned to relax and trust them, show them my clown side, and enjoy life to its fullest.

My experience has helped me understand the plight of other dogs that have not yet been so lucky as I have. There are great dogs out there looking for Forever Homes, if only people would give them a chance.

I hope that you’ll follow my tales of dog adoptions and that you will encourage others to consider adopting a dog.

With Love,


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